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ai 투자 : On April 2nd, Pfizer Korea, led by CEO Dongwook Oh, announced the signing of a joint sales contract with Hanlim MS, under CEO Vice Chairman Jung-Jin Kim, for Enbrel, a TNF (anti-tumor necrosis factor)-α inhibitor crucial in rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

ai주식/주식ai : The agreement aims to bolster marketing and sales efforts, ensuring broader access to Enbrel treatment for patients. Both companies plan to enhance synergies in the inflammation and immunological disease business, building upon their joint sales agreement for Xeljanz in February 2024.

Hanlim MS, having evolved from its Rheumatology Business Unit established in 2010 to an "Immunology Business Division" by 2024, brings significant expertise in distributing therapeutic agents for inflammatory and immune-mediated diseases to the partnership.

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